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TECHITRA brings together entrepreneurs, Corporate Partners and seed funding to commercialize the most promising technologies with a focus on innovations in energy including renewables, storage and bioconversion.

Employing entrepreneurial and scientific talent, corporate strategic insight and seed capital, Techitra has identified a novel way to expedite the process of identifying innovative discoveries, managing development risks, and moving those technologies on the path to successful product launches.We look for innovative ideas at research institutions, from entrepreneurs, and within corporations, and select them based on the existing or future market needs of our  Corporate Partners


TECHITRA Partners’ model delivers technology scouting and strategic insight to our corporate partners using a bench of experienced entrepreneurs that view those technologies as opportunities.  This synergistic relationship creates significant value for our corporate partners, entrepreneurs and financial partners.


TECHITRA selects the most promising technologies that are of interest to multiple Corporate Partners. We call this our “market pull” strategy, because they are chosen based on an existing market need.To determine which areas of innovation best align with needs,


​What we do

Derisking Process

Phase One consists of early-stage intellectual property assessment, technology validation, and an interview of the principal investigator or inventor. TECHITRA seeks to retain the principal investigator as a consultant and the option to license any technology with sufficient potential to advance to Phase Two.

Phase Two entails construction of a detailed intellectual property strategy, including freedom-to-operate strategy, a regulatory assessment with corporate partners, and in-depth analysis of the commercial opportunity, including engaging technical and business experts to identify barriers to commercialization and best market opportunities.
Phase Three involves a make-or-break experiment, prototype fabrication, or other tangible evaluation of the technology. At the end of this process the technology is well positioned to emerge investment-ready, as a start-up or license opportunity.

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