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EMA Meetings


  • You should leave your meeting with EMA with understanding of critical questions and of the EMA’s expectations.

  • Whoever is working on your project must ensure this happens.

  • To achieve your goals at a meeting with the EMA, the interaction must be carefully planned and executed flawlessly, leaving the EMA with a good impression of your product and company. This requires experts with prior regulatory experience who know the appropriate time to request a meeting, what is needed to prepare the necessary paperwork, what to expect when meeting with the EMA, and what steps should be taken post-meeting.

  • We should take your product and combines our knowledge of science, medicine  and regulations to prepare for each meeting. We will guide you step-by-step through EMA meetings during each phase of the development process including:

  • Scientific Adivice Meeting

  • Protocol Assistance Meeting

  • Orphan Drug Designation Meeting

  • Pre-Submission Meeting (MAA)

  • Meetings with Rapporteur and Co-rapporteur

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