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Technology Evaluation

Do you need an independent evaluation of your technology?


Do you have an idea or a patent and you would know the market?


Do you have a patent and need to plan for next steps?

Technology Evaluation Report

We provide a report with an in dept analysis of:

  • The technical merits and challenges of your invention

  • The Intellectual Property rights that you may have available

  • The commercial potential and pathways available to commercialise your invention

  • Frequently researchers and companies hold inventions they have been sitting on but are not sure how to get them out into the real world of industry. 

  • The process of getting your idea into a real world product is often complicated and requires specialist knowledge, money and partners.

  • But people do it every day!

  • Our experts could help you providing unbiased feedback in the form of an analyst report on the technology, intellectual property and commercial potential of your invention.  

A report, prepared for you, at a really convenient price
Perhaps most importantly, … does this objectively

It gives you vital information about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your idea, and gives you clear strategy and information resources to take the next steps.

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