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Our Values
  • In a globalisation context, where the competitiveness of emerging economies is more and more pressing and the market is constantly evolving, enterprises and Institutions have the need to start investing on new processes dedicated to the implementation and diffusion of “innovation culture”.

  • To innovate means to “adjust” and “improve” something in its own firm (lines, management, administration, software, etc.) to create a new added value to offer. This is valid both for production and services companies. The creation of a new added value is strictly dependent on methodologies used to implement an innovative process into the firm.

  • In this scenario Techitra foresees a more and more growing demand and offer of new technologies to be further developed or to be implemented in different industrial and research sectors. This need will be an inevitable consequence of the opportunity of exploiting a huge portfolio of technologies, today available worldwide. This portfolio is also constantly growing thanks to the Open Innovation practice.

  • In our vision of future global technology market, where Open Innovation and Technology Transfer will be more and more followed practices, the figure of a professional able to offer and to scout new technologies will be essential. At the same time they must have scientific, technical and managerial competences in order to give concrete and valid answers to all those enterprises that want to innovate.

  • To be connected with a worldwide technological innovation network is a differentiating asset of Techitra.



Techitra’s mission is to cooperate side by side with enterprises and Institutions that want to start an innovative process, or to set up services for technological innovation. Techitra supports them in creating new added value for strengthening their own competitiveness on markets.

Techitra’s team is participated by experts and professionals coming from different industrial and scientific environments. Techitra wants to be a valid partner of both tech-seekers and tech-holders for facing and developing the complex process of technology transfer: supporting a tailored implementation, creating R&D opportuinities and also providing tools and competences for determining future developing strategies.

Techitra promotes and divulges Open Innovation and Technology Transfer practices by: developing and managing innovative projects; participating to events, conferences and workshops; organising seminars and event for different sectors; publishing on important innovation and tech transfer magazines.

Furthermore Techitra edits its own magazine on internationally available and transferable technologies (TechNews).

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