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I'm another title

I'm a title

I'm another title

  • Frequently researchers hold inventions they have been sitting on but are not sure how to get them out into the real world of industry. 

  • The process of getting an idea into a product is complicated and requires specialist knowledge, money and partners. But people do it every day!

  • Expert analysts follow a set process to review the technical merit, the intellectual property and commercial potential. 



Technology Evaluation

We developed a complete pipeline for technology evaluation with the goal of providing an early independent assessment for inventors and start-ups consisting of a report outlining the technical merit, the intellectual property framework, the commercial potential and the industry current interest for novel technologies in the related sector.


Other players, such as Investors and University Technology Transfer offices, could also benefit from our service as it could help with the screening of the prospects they received by means of an independent, cost-effective and thorough evaluation report. 



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