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Patent Valuation
Do you know what your patent is worth?

When patent owners, whether individuals, companies or research entities, are interested in selling or monetizing their patents, they usually have no idea what their patents are worth. To address this need, techIP.value offers a patent valuation service that is of high-quality, yet affordable

Personalized analysis

valueIP.techitra offers patent owners a patent valuation that is based on the detailed analysis of highly experienced U.S. licensing and patent monetization experts. Our reports are not based on automated software. Rather they are generated with the input of U.S. experts with vast experience in the field.

Standard Valuation

techIP.value will provide you with a patent valuation that provides an up to date market valuation of your patent.  This includes both a low- and high-value estimate for your patent. A report provides a valuation taking into account several patent value metrics:


  • Forward and reverse reference 

  • Remaining life

  • Number of claims, length of the independent claims and claim strength

  • Significant players with patents in the field

  • Market score  

  • Technology score (proprietary  valuation method based on the current and future deployment status of the technology)

  • Commercial score (proprietary  valuation method based on currently commercial products using similar technology)

Valuations can be performed for:


  • U.S. patents and published applications

  • European equivalents of U.S. patents

If you have a portfolio of patents for which you want a valuation, contact us at


Place an order:

 Download a sample patent valuation.  The sample is provided for illustrative purposes only and is not entirely based on real data.

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