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Horizon 2020

The best trained people to help for preparing an application for European grant are the independent experts of the European Commission that evaluate proposals:


  • our professionals have such experience.

Intellectual property takes a specific role in the outline of the partners’ strategy for knowledge management and protection, which is determinant in the evaluation of the impact of the project.


We help applicants developing the exploitation plans, the outline of the knowledge management and the implementation of the work in their technical annex of the proposal. 



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IP at proposal stage

  • consider IP in the context of the award criterion “excellence” (state of the art vs innovation potential),

  • establishing the proposed exploitation routes for the project partners,

  • show that protection and exploitation of assets is already taken seriously in the partners' business,

  • identify the background needed for the project to avoid an infringement of intellectual property rights belonging to others,

  • analyze whether the exploitation of the potential results would infringe third parties’ rights,universities or other public research organisations must ensure that they consider the principles set out in of the Code of Practice .


We suggest to use a checklist for the major issues to be considered in terms of intellectual property and project results exploitation:

  • How will results be protected?

  • How will background and results be organised and managed?

  • How will joint ownership be treated?

  • How will the results be exploited?

  • Which confidentiality measures have been and will be put in place?

  • How appropriate is the management structure for the measures proposed in terms of exploitation and protection of results?

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