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Heavy metals immobilization in zeolites synthesized from fly ash at low temperature using seawater

D.Napolitano, June 2013


The  process of zeolite synthesis from fly ash at low temperature using seawater can be successfully apply directly in polluted soil thus permitting the toxic elements immobilization in zeolite structure during its grow.

Zeolite synthesized according to the process is effective at removal of heavy metals also from aqueous solution.

Leaching tests demonstrated that the toxic elements encapsulated in the structure of zeolite formed according to the patent process are available only after aggressive chemical attacks. 

Device for monitoring the risks for sudden infant death syndrom and for positional plagiocephaly


A portable monitoring device (101) performs the monitoring of the short term, mid term and long term risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It is also used to estimate the risk of onset of positional plagiocephaly.  The monitoring device (101) can be used for monitoring the breath activity of an infant in various conditions, alerting a caregiver when a potentially dangerous situation is detected, with respect to a SIDS event or to the onset of plagiocephaly.

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